Many websites rank highly in search engines and get lots of traffic but achieve low conversion rates when it comes to selling online. According to data from Eisenberg Holdings, for every $92 the average company spends to get customers to their site, they spend just $1 to convert them. So much attention is paid to strategy for driving traffic to a website; to getting attention that what really matters “making sales” is ignored. Below are seven key ways to increase sales with your website;

1. Simple Website Layout: According to Adobe, 38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the layout is unattractive. When a visitor lands on your website they need to immediately understand the layout and how to navigate the website. Don’t bombard them with flashy graphics and other distractions. They should be able to immediately locate the navigation menu and interact with the site. If not they will click off and find a site that offers a more user friendly experience.

2. Add a call to action on every page: When designing & developing a corporate website every page should be guiding visitors towards a desired action. Think of each page as an opportunity to funnel buyers towards a purchase, lead generation form, event promotion, social share, etc. in order to make more sales and/or promote your brand.

3. Use Images and videos Rather Than Only Text: Our brains process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Videos and images on your landing page can increase conversion rates by 86%, and 44% of customers purchase more products on sites that provide informational videos and images. So ditch the long-winded product descriptions and opt for dynamic images and video content visitors can engage with on your website. Images stand out on a webpage more than text does, and get a lot more attention.

4. Mobile responsiveness: Plusnet, a provider of broadband and phone services, saw a 10X increase in sales on smartphones and tablets after doing a responsive website design. Internet browsing on a mobile device is increasing rapidly in all countries especially in places like Africa and Asia. If your website is not designed to display well on smart phones and smaller screens, it’s costing you traffic, valuable leads and sales.

5. Prominently add unique value proposition on your homepage: “Make something people want and sell that, or be someone people need and sell you”-Ryan Lilly. A value proposition is a promise of value to be delivered. It’s the main reason a prospect should buy from you and not from the competition. You have to present your value proposition as the first thing the visitors see on your home page, but should be visible in all major entry points of the site to increase sales.

6.Add Social Links: Using Social media as an effective digital marketing strategy is increasingly growing. Sales reps using social selling are 50% more likely to meet or exceed their sales quota. Place social media icons that click to your business channels prominently on the home page so prospects can connect with you that way.

7. Post customer reviews: According to Forrester Research, consumers trust brand recommendations from friends 70% of the time, and ads only 10% of the time. Consumer reviews act as this kind of friendly recommendation on your website, make sure to include them on your site and expect to see 18% sales increase online. It’s important to include great content for your website visitors throughout the entire path and some of the most important pieces of content on your site are customer reviews. People trust their friends and neighbors to recommend reliable professionals.

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